Success with Uveitis: An Inflammatory Condition of the Eyes – a Patient Speaks


What was the issue or concern that prompted you to connect with us?

For many months, UVEITIS affected my left eye with a burning sensation. It started in June 2016 and I suffered it for about 18 months. UVEITIS is recurrent in nature and the therapy is to use steroids. Steroids have own side effects and can cause other eye problems. I wanted a solution which will cure UVEITIS permanently and without side effects, so I connected with Shilpa.

 How bad was it?
Initially there was just a dot in my left eye. I visited eye specialist and started steroids but the inflammation kept growing. My left eye was red, and very heavy, and the upper eyelid burned constantly. I could see as though looking through fog. I also experienced floaters and flashes.


In Sept 2016, one morning I woke up and wasn’t able to see anything with my left eye. I put ice on the eye to make it feel better. I visited and eye specialist and started heavy dose of steroids. 

My work involves using computers and this reduced vision of my left eye put considerable pressure on my right eye as well. At the end of most days, both eyes were painful. I tried Allopathy, Homeopathy and also Ayurveda in search of permanent relief. I expected that once cured it would not return, but I was wrong.

In the span of 1.5 yrs. I was on steroids constantly, and the condition kept coming back, I wondered, why is it happening again? Does that mean it will never get cured? I was desperate to know, what is the trigger for uveitis?

I researched my condition using google and read the stories of other patients. Most of them wrote that UVEITIS has NO cure and ultimately it causes loss of a vision.

This was terrifying. I wanted to save my VISION. I wanted to save my left eye. I finally learned that UVEITIS should be treated from its root cause and realized that nutrition and diet could help me. That's when I connected with Shilpa Dashpute.

What part of our approach worked for you?
Shilpa reviewed my diet and exercise and requested some blood tests. She designed a nutrition plan for me and recommended specific nutritional supplements. She discussed the possible triggers for my inflammation and advised me about how to avoid it. I started following the nutrition plan from OCTOBER 2017. I was off steroids and wanted to stay away from inflammation. I followed her regimen and slowly was able to see the results.


How it helped you?

It’s been 10 months and my uveitis has not returned. I was able to get over of that fear and got stable vision. I can read, work on the computer, watch TV. There are no flashes and barely 1-2 floaters in my left eye.

What surprised you about working with us?
I was surprised that the treatment is really simple. There is an old saying you are what you eat!But what should you eat to become what you want to be (healthy and happy) depends on your nutritionist!! :)


Would you recommend us to your friends and family?
Definitely Yes! I am trying to spread the word so that others see there is hope and avail of the cure they need.

                                                                                                    Shital P. August 2018 


What other clients say about us!


Name: Renee C.

 May 2017

Feedback: I feel very fortunate to have found Shilpa. I have diabetes,hypertension and kidney disease. This makes finding a meal plan to address all three of these conditions complicated, as I must watch my intake of sodium, potassium, and protein, as well as, sugar and carbohydrates. Shilpa has created a comprehensive diet for me, with    quality supplements, that is helping to improve my conditions daily. I highly recommend her.


Name: Seema K.

 April 2017

Feedback: During my pregnancy, I had a huge problem of hair fall. I contacted the doctor but the doctor did not tell me the remedy. Then I consulted Shilpa for nutrition during the pregnancy and her meal plan worked like magic!! Shilpa is very knowledgeable and caring. I did not know that I can solve many health issues just with diet changes till the time I met her.


 Name: Malti C. 

 January 2017

Feedback: Shilpa is one of the most dedicated, patient, and knowledgeable nutritionist who is very passionate about homeopathic healing, nutrition, and wellness.

She is doing an outstanding job helping my family member who, for a few years, has been diagnosed with multiple medical conditions including diabetes myelitis, hypertension, and ESRD. Recently, he was also diagnosed with gangrene on the right foot, and his right big toe was amputated. We were left with no option, but to amputate the right leg! Dr. Shilpa came up with a comprehensive nutrition and alternative homeopathic medication treatment plan. Within 3 months, his A1C, protein levels, and general well-being have significantly improved with her care plan. 

Nutritionist Shilpa is an invaluable asset to any organization. I highly recommend her services for any wellness or dietary treatment!


Name: Sachin P.

 April 2016

Feedback: Excellent knowledge and dedication towards her clients. Got high sugars(272 fasting) in with HBA1C as 9.2. Initially had little medicine for one month and then consulted her. Started exercise and diet as suggested by her(No medicine). The readings without medicine are now 5.4. Even my endocrinologist was shocked after seeing the difference.


 Name: Rathi B.

 November 2014

Feedback: Shilpa is a Fantastic Trainer. She helped me to lose my weight. She is Punctual, professional, Knowledgeable and varies in each training session. She is really motivational and helping in a friendly way me to reduce my weight. Be sure to work with her. You will not regret it.