Consulting Packages

All sessions are conducted via online conferencing

Every individual has a unique metabolism and biochemistry. Changes in those reflect in your health condition. Digging deeper during consulting sessions helps to find biochemical plus metabolic changes or the possible root cause and to create a customized and specific plan of action. One session is not enough to dig deep and consulting packages are the best option for it.

Essential Package

3 Sessions

This is the basic package most people choose!

Advanced package

6 Sessions

If you are suffering from a chronic health condition, want to improve your metabolism which is deranged with hormonal imbalance, this package is for you. Determined to achieve optimum health!


Add on Session 

30 mins 

Meditation Session

30 mins


For clients in India contact us for more information.

Each package includes:

  • A detailed evaluation of your health, nutrition and medical history

  • Analysis of possible environmental toxin exposure

  • Discussion of possible root causes of the health condition

  • Review laboratory findings

  • Select appropriate supplements to support your specific health condition

  • Mind-body awareness & counselling

  • Functional lab testing recommendation

Initial consulting session (assessment) ~ 90 minutes

 It includes a very detailed History & intake to understand what you have been exposed to, Nutritional Assessment, Lab review, recommendations for additional labs, environmental review, initial dietary, nutraceutical, lifestyle and advocacy recommendations. 

This session gives a fundamental layout of how to go forward and projection of roughly how long it may take to successfully get back your desired health 


The second session (the personalized intervention plan) ~ 60 minutes

 It is to develop a structured plan and detailed interventions specific to your problem, perform additional research, coach you through the necessary lifestyle change steps if needed and help with implementation, detailed reviews of additional labs, personalized counselling and support on how to achieve long-lasting behavioral change and wellness, recommend additional dietary changes, nutraceuticals, lifestyle changes, help you with conquering stress, and recommend botanical agents and lab testing where necessary.


Follow up (reassessment and changes based on needs) ~ 30 minutes each

Follow-ups are necessary to fine-tune your intervention and plan with changes in your health.