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How Do I Work?


At Nutrition with Shilpa, I see clients with various chronic health issues. While working with them I try to identify the underlying causes with the help of detail assessment and cutting edge lab testing to design a personalized nutrition program.

As a clinical nutritionist, I listen and learn about you and create a  program based on your needs. Each program is personalized and I make changes in the program according to your changing needs.

You will be directed on the right path and get support along the way. I strive to render excellent service to all of my clients. 

Personalized  Nutrition


A detailed analysis of each client's diet, genetic and biochemical factors, physical activity, environmental toxin exposure, sleeping patterns and other lifestyle factors are necessary to develop a personalized nutrition plan to improve one's health. 


Here at Nutrition with Shilpa, I work on rectifying the imbalances in your nutrition and lifestyle to help you achieve the great health and vitality you deserve.

Underlying Causes

Stress Response

Nutrient Deficiencies

Toxin exposure

Chronic Inflammation

Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Immune Imbalance

Hormonal Imbalance

Genetic Influence

What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition:

  • Is a science-based approach towards health.

  • Is evidence-based and has client-centered approach. 

  • Digs deep into the way how the body functions at the physiological and biochemical level.

  • Requires thought process that can connect the dots to find a health solution.

  • Focuses on the cellular and metabolic functions of the body and helps to uncover the root causes of a health issue.


For example, inflammation can be one of the causes for multiple health conditions including depression, arthritis, autoimmune diseases etc. This inflammatory condition can be developed by eating inflammatory food as well as other factors such as environment, lifestyle and individual genes. And functional nutrition address all the factors to improve your health and vitality. 

Small, simple changes can lead to significant gains in health and well-being …


We know that eating right, appropriate exercise, and a healthy lifestyle are essential for robust health. Mindful eating and choosing the right foods can rectify imbalances in your body and lead to great health. Food plays a critical role in health because you are what you eat. Food can tame chronic inflammation, have an impact on metabolism, as well as affect our genes.

Food can modulate the trillions of gut microbes which play an important role in maintaining one's health and preventing disease. Blood vessels and major organs such as the brain and heart function optimally with the right food. Eating simple and fresh food with mindful attention can improve your quality of life and lead to great health. Your customized diet plan can include all the ethnic flavors you enjoy while accommodating the desired changes.


Environment and Health 


We are constantly exposed to toxins from food, water, air, and our daily lives, such as cosmetics, plastics, chemicals, household items can have an effect on our health. Studies show that toxin exposure is linked to chronic diseases. Eliminating or minimizing toxic exposure is crucial to attaining wellness. Evidence-based integrative nutrition includes clinical nutrition, botanical and environmental medicine. These tools can help you or your loved one achieve great health.


We can help you manage health issues effectively by designing a customized program that meets your health goals. Click here for more info.

Let's work together to achieve great health with the help of Personalized Nutrition

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